Reimagining Goldfinger – What we have achieved



Young people have learned research techniques and drawn upon visual and written resources in order to investigate the changing social, political and historical context that has influenced the building and its  residents. Workshops from the V and A and 20th Century Society taught them about the history of their  estate and developed their research skills. Sessions with Haworth Tomkins Architects developed their  model making skills. Workshops from the Twentieth Century Society taught them the skills they need to create oral history testimonies. You can read these transcribed testimonies here. You can also hear the testimonies here

They learned to create dramatized tours which brought the history of Goldfinger’s designs to life. These tours featured the oral history testimonies the young people had recorded and culminated in an exhibition within the Cheltenham estate. These tours played to capacity audiences. A highlight was when a resident on the tour volunteered to let audiences into her home to see what it’s like to live within the listed architecture. You can watch the tour and see the pictures here


The project’s development felt timely because Kensington council is consulting with the local community on plans redevelop the empty area between Trellick Tower and Elkstone Road. The young people enjoyed developing historic skills with architects whose skills have topical applications. It was exciting to see young people engage with older residents as they learn about the history and potential of their estate. The cross generational links forged have been really inspiring. A great moment was watching an over 60 year old skateboarding with the teenagers around the estate.

The young people created an exhibition for the V & A about the history of their estate. They explored older residents’ memories by interviewing them about their experiences  of estate life and made these available to museum visitors via headphones. The turned the museum space into a recreation of a flat from the Cheltenham estate so that visitors could experience the architecture for themselves. The exhibition was completely full. You can see pictures from the exhibition here.

The young people also scripted and created a documentary film about the estate’s history called Reimagining Goldfinger: The Cheltenham Tapes’  This captures the thriving community life on the Cheltenhsm estate and is being submitted to documentary festivals. You can watch the film about its screening on the estates here