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What we’ve been up to so far…

In the first block of Trellick Tales workshops we focused on the history of the tower and gathering stories from its residents. Henrietta Billings and Catherine Croft from the 20th Century Society led workshops exploring the architecture of Trellick Tower and Goldfinger’s vision for the building. Rib Davis from the Oral History Society helped young participants to develop their interview technique and to record oral histories with residents of Trellick Tower. These interviews inspired the script for a promenade performance, which took place in the building itself. The performance also featured recordings of the original interviews listened to by the audience on headphones.

We were delighted to have the BBC on board filming the journey for a documentary as part of their Inside Out London programme. This will be shown on Monday 2nd November at 7.30pm on BBC1. This programme is regional but will be available on BBC iPlayer for a short time afterwards.

The Trellick Tales participants are now working towards producing a radio play and radio show in our second block of workshops. Rib Davis and Roger Kitchen of the Oral History Society have led workshops for us in transferring oral history into radio, SPID Project Leader Nnenna Samson and Artistic Director Helena Thompson have led workshops in script writing, and Jack Bowman of Wireless Radio has led a workshop in acting for radio.

Using everything we have learnt about Trellick Tower and the stories gathered, we are now working on a script written in collaboration by Nnenna Samson and the young participants, featuring an original song written by the young people. This will be recorded by Max Graef of K2K Radio, who will also guide Trellick Tales participants in producing their own radio show to be aired on the 12th December.

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Get Involved! 

Our latest project Trellick Tales brings to life the heritage of Grade II* listed building Trellick Tower. This year-long programme of free weekly drama and heritage sessions will develop your skills in research, oral history interviews, curating and performance, which will all be accredited.

Trellick Tales is being delivered in partnership with the Oral History Society, 20th Century Society and K2K who are based at South Kilburn Studios and with support from the V&A. We have also been working with the BBC on a documentary for their Inside Out London programme.

Listen to our Trellick Tales Radio play, first broadcast on K2K Radio:

and listen to the whole show here:



October – December 2015:

Script writing workshops led by SPID will offer training in script writing for radio. SPID will oversee your script work as you develop your own writing style and collaborate with others to create a radio play, taking inspiration from the oral histories recorded with residents. The Oral History Society will deliver workshops training you to edit your testimonies as dramatically as possible. K2K Radio will help you record your own radio play and produce a radio show.

Event: radio play inspired by local residents’ memories, December 12th

January – March 2016:

In the final block you will take everything you have learnt so far and work with professionals to form your own theatre company. You will develop a site-responsive performance on the estate and create a catalogue of the materials collected and created in the project. You will have the opportunity to create a multi-media exhibition using project materials guided by the V& A to help you find our own style of presentation. You will have the chance to curate this using different materials gathered like audio recordings, music, writing photography and film. The V&A will deliver workshops that will also develop your knowledge of fashion and design from the Brutalist period.

Event: outdoor performance bringing Trellick’s history to life, March 26th
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Trellick Tales from Proudfoot on Vimeo.