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“Far Far Away” is a series of free workshops designed to offer young people a chance to travel through time and explore the world, having experiences that are new to them, giving them a sense of empowerment and inspiring their creativity. This is done by giving them a broad, hands-on experience of the different art forms involved in creating a theatre production, and seeing it all the way through to the resulting performances.

Far Far Away workshops are for 8-13 year-olds and follow a step-by-step structure, taking the participants on a creative adventure through six different disciplines involved in the making of a show, each explored over a four-week block. For workshops for 13 – 25 year olds please see Estate Endz

The participants gain an understanding and practical experience of:
•    Writing the essential steps of a good story
•    Design of set or costume
•    Music and singing for the stage
•    Movement through dance and physical theatre
•    Light and Sound to enhance the audience’s experience
•    Acting to bring characters to life.

Workshops for Far Far Away happen every Tuesday 4.45-6.15PM
For more information e-mail or call 07903 861674

In every block of four weeks, the participants learn the basic elements of each craft and how to use their acquired knowledge to enrich their presentation of the basic story developed in the Writing workshops.

Once all the workshops have been completed, we will be holding a short rehearsal period where the discoveries and developments of the previous sessions come together like building blocks to form the final production. A performance will take place at Kensal House, and we hope that all of the workshops’ participants will want to take part.

Each block of workshops is delivered by a facilitator with professional experience in that field, as well as the skills, training and enthusiasm for imparting their skills to young people. There is no cost for the workshops – everyone is welcome!

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