Theo Krish – Music Workshop

My name is Theo Krish. I am a composer, producer and DJ living in North London. 

(This workshop took place on Saturday the 25th of May 2013)

Theo krish


My music focuses heavily on sampling, which is in itself a very literal way of tracing the history of music – using extracts from a different time and place to create the music of now. The opportunity to explore the history of Kensal House through the sounds of the building itself and music related to the area really grabbed me. I also like to include field recordings or ‘found sounds’ in my work, and keep a portable microphone on me at all times to capture the sound of places I have visited.

During this workshop I worked with participants to create a soundtrack to Kensal House. Taking inspiration from the building itself, we sampled music related to the local area and recording new sounds from in and around the building, to create a new piece of music that was built upon the history of Kensal House itself.

Kensal Voices initially attracted me as the chance to deliver a workshop very different to anything I’d done before. Working with the young people was great! With the help of the sounds they recorded, we’ve added our own piece of music to the history of Kensal House. It was great to be a part of such a special project with an amazing group of people, I definitely learnt a lot from the workshop and hope that everyone involved had as much fun as I did!

You can hear more examples of my work at

Listen to and download the Kensal Voices track on Soundcloud.