Susanne Dietz


Susanne Dietz is a London-based video artist who creates predominantly video for live performance and installations. She is particularly interested in developing the relationship between video and live performance in her work. It brings video installation and live performance to unconventional locations in which the audience is an integral part of the event. Her artistic practice involves collaboration with a diverse range of artists including Glen Neath & Neil Bennun, Shunt, Dancing Brick, electro-popband Superthriller, the UCL Orchestra, and choreographer Rosie Heartford.

Susanne Dietz has been a long-term associate artist of the Shunt Performance collective, as well as designing the video of all their theatre productions, she created and maintains the Shunt Archive.
Credits include: Shunt shows The Architects (2012), Money (2009), Amato Saltone (2005), Tropicana (2004), Dance Bear Dance (2003),
The Tennis Show (2000), The Ballad of Bobby Francois (1999). Shunt member David Rosenberg’s Contains Violence (2008) and Pink Orthodox (2001), Layla Rosa’s What If (2007)

Susanne Dietz has been a freelance video editor and videographer for the last 10 years, working predominately in the art and educational
sectors. She had been specialised in video documentation for theatre and live performances, and the production short videos, show reels, viral trailers of these documentations for online presentation and archival purposes. Clients include Requardt & Rosenberg, choreographer Nicola Conibere, Fuel Theatre, Forest Fringe, Rotozaza Theatre, British Council, LIFT and Video and Film Umbrella.

Teacher training at the University of Cologne and Susanne Dietz’s artistic work enables her to work as an artist in education. She has been working with children and young people for the last 8 years teaching film making techniques on digital camera equipment and editing with Final Cut Pro software. She has given workshops in video production and video design for the British Council, Eastside Educational Trust, Captue Arts and The People Show.

She studied English and History at University of Cologne in Germany.


April 2014