Libby Todd – Costume and Set Design Workshop

Libby Todd, professional Costume and Set Designer.

libby todd

I have been working as a Set and Costume Designer for three years and in that time I have worked on a range of projects including classic drama, musicals, dance and circus. Although a lot of the time I am working with a play script or text of some kind, some of the most interesting projects come from other inspiration. Last year I worked on a series of choreographed dance and aerial performance pieces with a troupe of acrobats and circus performers. As they were site-specific pieces I had to respond to the environment and architecture where the performances would happen. This is partly what has excited me about Kensal Voices. I love the idea of looking at architecture, researching the history and contexts of the building before this leads into character development and finally a performance. I have been working with SPID on their “Far, Far Away” projects for the last two years and it is exciting to have a chance to explore the history and social importance of a building I have visited many times. By looking at spaces through fresh eyes and with historical research I hope I can work with the young people to create some exciting design ideas for their performance.

Here are some samples of Libby’s fantastic creative work.