Ekaterina Solomeina – Design Workshop

Ekaterina Solomeina — designer, lecturer at British Higher School of Art and Design, TEDx speaker and co-founder of Solomeina Inc. (www.solomeina.com)

(These workshops took place between Wednesday the 29th of May and Saturday the 1st of June of 2013)

 ekaterina solomeina

Ekaterina, born in Russia, worked in various design and advertising agencies, such as Art, Lebedev studios and LOWE, currently lives in London.

In Ekaterina’s workshops the young people learnt about creativity, design tools and concept development by participating in fun exercises and working in teams. By the end of the course they were able to use Photoshop for creating different layouts and working with photographs. They produced a brochure about Kensal House Project and presented it in front of the whole group.

The brochure was professionally printed at the end of the week and made available to the general public online and in the Kensington Libraries

The magazine was presented to the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at an event at the North Kensington Library on 8th June 2013.