Our History, Your Words

‘I asked SPID to run the community rooms in 2005 because we couldn’t manage them ourselves. If it weren’t for them, the space would still be rotting,’ Ivor, Kensal resident, SPID project board member

‘Working with SPID is less of a job and more of a calling – I never knew community theatre could make me feel so alive,’ Byron, SPID general manager, Portobello resident

‘I share SPID’s vision that we are all equal – that people should always work together, whatever their background’, Anita, Kensal resident, SPID trustee

‘SPID has been a saving grace for local people like me who lost friends to Grenfell,’ Naomi, SPID spokeswoman, Reader’s Digest

‘SPID Theatre has provided me with the opportunity to work locally on Estate Voices to empower residents,’ Zena, North Kensington resident

‘A moving love letter to social housing,’ ★★★★ The Stage

‘Spid the spider spinning its web, a safety net … where we make a stand! spreading truth throughout this land’, Urban Dandy London

‘SPID’s profile is National yet their roots are local – so we need them as much as they need us,’ Ann Marie, SPID administrator, Save Silchester campaigner

‘These kids are lucky to have SPID’s drama – classes that don’t cost a penny’, Russell Brand

‘We mustn’t lose these places of value – SPID is my ally in fighting the sell off of estate’s communal spaces,’ Shan, Trellick Graffiti Garden

‘I am proud to be part of SPID’s shining example of how high quality community theatre can be,’ Katie Elston, Head of Marketing at the Royal Albert Hall, SPID Trustee

SPID for me is Special, Prudent, Inspiring and Determined …..with a great deal of love and common sense thrown in for good measure,’ Giulia, SPID Associate, West London

‘There will doubtless be bigger budget productions in response to Grenfell but it’s hard to imagine any of them will offer more passion on sincerity than SPID’s…Helena Thompson’s passionate drama is a celebration and defence of social housing ’ ★★★★ The Guardian

‘SPID has made me see North Kensington’s council estates differently. I appreciate the amazing way they bring people together!’  Lecia, SPID trustee, West Londonner

‘The free workshops at SPID were a fabulous opportunity for my daughter; we could never have afforded to pay -she went on to study theatre at Brit School!,’ Angie, North Kensington resident

‘SPID has a track record of capturing real-life stories and giving voice to the unheard…Next stop must be the Commons,’ ★★★★ The Morning Star