Film noir for the surveillance generation…






It’s Halloween, and the memory of teenage Max’s suicide is fresh on the estate. His best friend Akeem is out for revenge, dead set on punishing the local bullies whose mobile clips made Max’s life hell. Only femme fatale Abigail seems to understand – but could she have her own agenda?

A film directed by Ash & Naeem Mahmood and written by Helena Thompson. Performed by local teenagers, ‘Happyslap’ is shot in and around the Kensal House estate, a modernist building in Ladbroke Grove. It was funded by Mediabox to involve disadvantaged young people in filmmaking of high artistic quality.  ‘Happyslap’ is loosely based on SPID’s ‘Kensal Youth’ theatre show, which was directed by Rachel Grunwald.

Winner of the Apollo Award for Best Youth Arts Project in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Watch the trailer here.