The Flushed

The Flushed was a radio play the young people of Far Far Away created together with Rob Young, Karim Flint, Jack Bowman and Max Graef from September 2016 until December 2016.

During 12 weeks, the young people had a creative workshop with the award winning writer Rob Young. They then went on writing the play together with the screenwriter Karim Flint for two session, and then voice acting together with the voice actor Jack Bowman, until the completed the recording and learned how to do live radio play together with the sound engineer Max Graef.

The Flushed:
The play is about the kids Rose and Lamar who live in Kensal House. Lemar is kicking her football out in the hallway and hits the football through a window while Rose is watching with her bunny Carrot. Rose tells Lemar she should known not to kick the ball inside of Kensal House. As revenge, Lemar takes Carrot out of Rose’s hands and throw her into the toilet inside of their flat. By an accident the toilets flush and Carrot disappears down the toilet.
As Rose goes on missing Carrot, she gets an idea to fish for Carrot through the toilet while Lemar is watching. Something bites the line but it’s too strong to reel in, so they get dragged down the toilet themselves and down into the Down Low. What happens down there? Will they get Carrot back?

Listen to the radio play here:

Pictures from the sessions:

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