Block One

Anuli Changa, Kensal Voices Ambassador: “Saturdays aren’t right without Kensal Voices!”

The first block took place between the 13th of April and the 8th of June. It focused on researching the building and discovering some of its stories and influences. We had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people who helped us discover the artistic aspects of the estate. Young people were given the opportunity to create a track with composer/producer Theo Krish, to design a magazine about the building and the project with designer Ekaterina Solomeina and understand the relevance of the estate with the help of architect Gurmeet Sian.

Kensal Voices also aims to validate the work of young people. We put our participants through the Arts Awards Qualifications, at Bronze and Silver level. These are recognised throughout the country, and also awards UCAS points to those who are looking to go into further education.

The first block of this unique year-long project was a huge success and ended at the beginning of June with the public presentation of Kensal Voices Magazine, written and designed by Kensal Voices participants, at the North Kensington Library. We would also like to extend our congratulations to ALL the first block participants, who passed their Arts Awards Bronze qualification.

To celebrate this block, we used a lot of the photographs and videos taken throughout sessions to advertise the continuation of the project. This was also a wonderful and creative way we found to share with everyone the work of our participants. To view some of the trailers, click here for our Youtube page.

block 1



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