Arthur’s World Audience Feedback

‘I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you all for the opportunity that you bestowed upon my students in inviting them to experience Arthur’s World. They thoroughly enjoyed the show, and the kindness of the actors to share some time answering questions afterwards, was the ‘icing on the cake’ for them. Please continue creating this kind of engaging work, especially during this climate where schools are been forced to ‘ignore’ the merits of Drama. You clearly prove that drama is a wonderful tool – and forum – to allow young people to engage and debate issues that might be affecting them’  Roy Lee, Lambeth College

‘Loved Arthur’s World , superb space, and actors and great discussing the play!’ Nicola Wright, audience member

‘A highlight for Tate Collective London was the Q&A following in which one member of the group with moderate learning disability clearly articulated the key themes addressed. It was important to have a session to ground everyone. Thank you to your team for making the time for this.’ Laura Turner, Tate Youth London Collective

‘Teens and young people in the audience were LOVING it (laughter, gasps, open mouths) which I think is who SPID are aiming at. Success!’ Aine Ryan, Oberon publishers

‘We all enjoyed it very much and we had a long chat with my group of young people about what Arthur’s World means.’
Juan Toledo, City Heights Youth

‘The venue was so unique and the young people really like that part of it, sitting in someone’s living room. This made the setting intimate and you felt part of the intriguing narrative.  There was lots of discussion in the bar afterwards!  A really nice evening out for the group.’ Ann Gilmore, Royal Academy Youth

‘11/10, I’m reeling – put me on your mailing lists,’ Josh Chancel, audience member