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An exciting journey begins!

  Yes exciting indeed! Youth led projects focusing on the distinguished history of Cheltenham Estate (comprises Trellick Tower and Edenham Way)  designed by Goldfinger himself. No not the James Bond movie with the all too famous line "A martini. Shaken, not stirred". It's no secret that estates have a familial centralised reputation, and ... More

Reimagining Goldfinger Introduction

Exploring the vision behind Trellick Tower’s iconic estate Goldfinger’s vision, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year, has come to symbolise Brutalism. Commissioned by London County Council, the estate replaced the sub-standard late 19th century housing and embodies the best ideas at the time for low cost housing. The project’s aim is to ... More

Current Weekly News

Our Talent Sharing 12 July 2016 This week was an exciting one as we performed our talent sharing showcase. Each participant had chosen a talent or skill at the beginning of the block, worked on it and shaped it into a piece and on Tuesday shared it with their peers, family, friends and the Kensal House and SPID Theatre Community. Everyone shared ... More